One Of A Kind: Paris Roberts

As a competitor who has embraced elegance at the age of 18, Paris Roberts, who was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, has an unforgettable face.

Every model can tell the story of how he or she made the big break into the competitive modeling industry. Stories vary everywhere from sitting in a coffee shop when an agent approached to being crowned the best model in a contest. Well, Paris Roberts joined Elite Paris by the latter.  I can assure that if you took one glance at her, there would be no question in your mind that  Roberts has the talent to be victorious in any show she enters.

Models who are from different ethnicities have an automatic slight advantage over a model with one background.  A mixed person’s features are usually extremely defined and exotic, as well as  unique, due to the combination of various backgrounds.  So, what about a model with five different ethnicities? Roberts’ heritage is made up of Egyptian, English, Australian, Greek, and Gypsy, which make her beauty even more memorable and remarkable. She has thick, dark brown eyebrows hovering her dreamy hazel eyes, and she has a strong face structure that has allowed her to acquire a fierce and bold look at a young age.  Her competitive background tells us she definitely has confidence, but you can also see it in her look.  The way she poses and looks at the camera reveals her inner confidence. With fashion week in her future and ad campaigns already under her belt, Paris Roberts is going to be great.  This is only the beginning for her, and I cannot wait to see her name in the big lights!

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