Southwest Airlines Seattle 2 Los Angeles Sandra Bullock Donaldli Ingalls

Also I ran an ad in the La Times for one month May-Jun 2012
telling everyone via newspaper how much I love my Sandy...But
do read on please...

In October of 2004 Southwest Airlines had 3
Los Angeles Police Department officers
scare the crap out of me for about 30 or 40 minutes.

Apparently a Southwest Airlines Stewardess believed
I was stalking Sandra Annette Bullock, and when my
flight arrived at LAX in Los Angeles California 3
Los Angeles Police Department Officers boarded the
plane and scared the crap out of me. They then
pulled me off the plane and for about 30 or 40 minutes
they asked me a dozen questions.

Finally one of the officers said, "Well, I guess she
is yours. You are free to go."

I also received the following email.

RE: Sandy Bullock & Donaldli Ingalls Thursday, April 26, 2007 5:02 AM
From: "Lampinski, Megan M." < >
To: "Thomas Clifford" <>

Thank you for your contact to the FBI Philadelphia.

Based on the information you provided, there does not seem to be an
FBI nexus. Please contact the authorities in Austin for further

Good luck.

Any delusional persons get email like that from the
Federal Bureau of Investigation?!?! No, no delusional
freaks get email like that. Delusional freaks don't
get email like that from the FBI because almost all
FBI agents are required to have earned college degrees.
And are people of very good character who don't waste
their important time while at work.

They certainly don't have time to waste at work at FBI
offices while on FBI computer systems sending someone
like me an email... Unless of course I do indeed have
a relationship to Sandra Annette Bullock.

Megan Lampinski is not the only FBI agent of good
character. There are many.

I did what she told me to do. She instructed me to
email authorities in Austin Texas. The Austin PD
threatened to have me arrested later.

Earlier this year I posted that I love the men
and women of the Austin Police Department, and I
forgave them for threatening me and scaring me.
I do love there them there in Austin Texas.

It has been a while since some of this taken place.

Thanks everyone for reading this. I do have a lot
of love in me, but I do need Sandy. She is the best
stress reliever ever!

from:    Donaldli Ingalls


date:    Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 12:45 AM

Know anyone that can yell at the FBI,CIA and the Dept. of Justice and
the President???? And not get yelled back at or arrested???!?!?! Now
you do.  Donaldli Mark Ingalls...Me... Because I have been yelling the

Someone get me Sandy please.
Thank you.

Donaldli Mark Ingalls

Read this and tell yourself no one could do this and have it
be a lie!

I am upset!

and between 2004-2008 I sent nearly 50,000
emails out yelling about how much I love Sandy.

2006 I sent 1,100 emails to the Beverly Hills
Police Department and the Beverly Hills Courthouse.

If you'd like to get an idea about how hard I
have been working online and just how much
I love Sandy then go ahead and Google me
and this...Sandra Bullock FBI, Sandra Bullock
- Topix, Sandra Bullock Donaldli Ingalls...etc...etc...etc...

On April 20 2012 I sent out a lot of messages of love
around the world in 36 languages declaring my love
for Sandy.  Pretty much telling the whole world in 1
day how much I love her.

These were mostly on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Groups.

Love is powerful!

I also sent 3 to Cairo Egypt.

Love is powerful!

I need to come back to show business immediately!
-Donaldli Mark Ingalls

I sent emails to all the house of representatives and congress.
And this forwarded message has emails that I sent to the FBI!
Nobody could walk around a free man if he were this FUCKING
I am upset! 

Today I sent a message of love for Sandy and Donaldli in 36 different
languages around the planet!

I need to come back to show business immediately!

I need help to do this!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Donaldli Ingalls <>
Date: Tue, Mar 13, 2012 at 10:13 PM
Subject: Megan Lampinski PA FBI Sandra Bullock Donaldli Ingalls

This is Donaldli.  I'm sure you all are thrilled
to hear from me again. I did what Megan Lampinski
told me to do.  But the Austin PD later threatened
me.  Don't worry I am not seeking legal action
against them.  I love them even though they probably
don't all of the truth about Sandy & Donaldli.

For the last 6 months or so I have been posting
messages online to the public.  I know there is
an FBI file on me.  I know there has to be for several
reasons.  My mother Susan Elizabeth Ingalls actually
has served President Jimmy Carter dinner at the
Moonraker Restaraunt in Virginia Beach Virginia
when President Carter was in office during those
years.  My dad worked for Howard Hughe's Hughes
Aircraft in Culver City California for over 20 years.
I actually met President Bill Clinton in Barksdale
Air Force Base in Barksdale Louisiana when he was
President.  Not that this would make me an important
person in anyone's life... (grins sarcastically)

I need tons of help in coming back to show business.

I want to come back to show business to make Sandy
and everyone happy.  But she knows I want her more
than all of the tea in China.  She knows she is more
important to me than any amount of money. 

So this is what I need.  I need to be the star in
a nice movie really soon.  And then

I want a white stretch limo (not too stretchy...)
to pick me up here in Gig Harbor WA

Signed: Donaldli Mark Ingalls April 22 1969

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