'I just think it's fun and the action's great,' Louis Tomlinson tells MTV News on the red carpet.
By Jocelyn Vena, with reporting by Josh Wigler and Fallon Prinzivalli

One Direction
Photo: MTV News

NEW YORK — Armed with Nerf guns, the five guys of One Direction hit up the "Men in Black 3" premiere at the Ziegfeld Theatre, ready to face any kind of challenges.

The fivesome, who kicked off their headlining U.S. tour on Tuesday night, took a break from the road to catch the film. They also chatted with MTV News on the red carpet about why they felt they needed a line of defense for the fete.

"We're safe [with them and we'll use them on] anyone who gets brave," Louis Tomlinson joked about their Nerf guns. But the fellas did have a real reason for wanting to catch the film: They are big fans of the "Men in Black" franchise and have been for quite some time.

"[They are] great films, aren't they?" Tomlinson added. "I just think it's fun and the action's great. We were young when the first came out, so we kind of grew up with them."

Once inside the theater, instead of having to fend off anyone who might have gotten in their way, they gave the guns away to a few young fans who ran up to them. While security did their best to keep fans away from the boy banders, one young girl managed to get to the floppy-haired Harry Styles. All five guys agreed to give the girl their autograph. Before the film started, they hung out in their seats, munching on popcorn while adoring fans and their moms checked the guys out.

Later on, at the after-party held on the USS Intrepid, fans followed the band as they made their way around the bash, including down several flights of stairs to the bathrooms. They didn't stop for anyone, but they smiled and waved occasionally.

The guys won't have too much time to hit up more movie premieres since they are back to playing Thursday night (May 24) in Virginia. One Direction will continue on their summer tour through July. Meanwhile, "Men in Black 3" opens Friday.

Check out everything we've got on "Men in Black 3."

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