Binary Options are an exciting new type of investment. Instead of buying the asset itself, investors can speculate on what direction they estimate an asset moves in. When a binary option is bought in our platform, a contract is created, which gives the buyer the right to buy an underlying asset at a fixed price within a specified period of time with us, the seller, binary options are a great way to start trading in the market. They are similar to regular options, but with several advantages: First, it is much easier to set up and fund an account. In addition, you can start with a much smaller amount, as little as, Second, is that placing the trade is much simpler than dealing with other instruments. The most common options trading binary is simply betting on the market or particular stock you are considering more or less close in the next hour or until the end of the day, Third, is that there is no margin calls or any other risks than the value you have placed on any single trade. You could lose the entire amount in that trade, but no more. Thus, the risk is strictly limited to what you bet on that trade binary options, to be successful with trade binary options you need to have an edge. I just found this advantage and share it to you for free, Binary Options - How It Works only in, Binary betting provides the merchant with a binary choice of a particular market. The market will only move up or down, and regardless of the extent of movement in any direction, the result of trade presents an all or nothing, in effect, this means that the trader is essentially just the support of market direction, making no guarantees about the amount of movement in a particular direction. Prices are quoted as spreads, which represent fixed odds depending on the interpretation of the broker market movements likely, and therefore, the spread represents the maximum profit and loss from the beginning, Binary betting is a great way to quickly take a position on the direction of a market with fixed odds and no need to worry about the subtleties of the market price. Deliver much of the same benefits for traders as spread betting, including the substantial leverage, binary betting is becoming a trading vehicle increasingly widespread and profitable, contact us - binary options and get a complete guide to information at their disposal .